Dr. Duke's Trading Group

Price: $79/month

  • Dr. Duke's Trading Group meets on the first and third Thursdays
    of each month at 8:00 pm CT. Meetings are recorded and archived.
  • Dr. Duke discusses his current trades and reviews his watch list.
  • Group members suggest stocks and possible trades are discussed.
  • Dr. Duke sends out email alerts when he opens, closes, or adjusts
    any of the trades discussed in the group meetings.
  • Tutorials and trading tips are included in every meeting.

Flying With The Condor™

Price: $199/month

  • Now you can benefit from Dr. Duke's experience trading the iron
    condor and place the same trades in your account.
  • Dr. Duke emails the trades and adjustments to subscribers as he
    enters the trades.
  • Subscribers have Dr. Duke's personal email and phone number for
    support and advice; learn the strategies as you follow the trades.
  • Auto-Trading this service is also available; see the Online Store
    for more information.

Basic Stock Market Coaching

Price: $599

Length: Five Private One-on-One Coaching Classes

  • What are ETFs?
  • ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Risk Management
  • Buying and Selling Individual Stocks
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Portfolio Management

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This course is designed to teach the basics of investing in the stock market. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are discussed and contrasted to mutual funds as alternative vehicles for stock market investing. A significant portion of this course is devoted to risk management. Stock market investing should not keep you up at night - what happened to many investors in 2008 does not have to happen to you if you apply proper risk management. Fundamental analysis of stocks is reviewed as a tool for selecting stock candidates and contrasted with technical analysis, the art and science of technical indicators and chart reading. Several common technical indicators and candlestick patterns are explained and demonstrated. Each class includes a homework assignment that will be reviewed at the beginning of the next class; this ensures a practical understanding of the previous class topics. A systematic approach to stock selection, buying, and selling is presented. Students will be coached as to the investing styles and methods best suited to their objectives and risk tolerance. At the completion of this course, the student will:

  • Understand the use of ETFs and the pros and cons versus using mutual funds
  • Be able to fundamentally analyze a stock candidate and select the optimal price entry point
  • Understand technical indicators and their complementary use with fundamental analysis
  • Understand the basics of candlestick pattern analysis
  • Understand risk management and various stop loss techniques
  • Be familiar with techniques for portfolio management and rules for selling
  • Have developed a personal trading system, consistent with his or her objectives and risk tolerance

Private Options Coaching

Price: $3,750

Length: Twenty Private One-on-One Coaching Classes

  • Probability distributions, implied volatility, and the Greeks
  • Using options within the stock portfolio
  • Directional vs. non-directional trading
  • Advanced option strategies
  • Strategy allocation
  • Risk management
  • Advanced trade management
  • Unlimited email and phone consultation

Dr. Duke will teach you how to build a trading business

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Customized Options Coaching

Price: $299/session

Length: Two Hour Private Webinar or Live One-on-One Session

A preliminary telephone conversation will establish the agenda and list of topics for the private session. This venue is ideal for trading strategy tune-ups or for experienced traders who wish to focus on one or two topics. The session can be held face-to-face in the greater Chicago area if desired. A customized curriculum for multiple sessions may be designed and specially priced. Click the Contact Us tab to set up a no obligation discussion of the possibilities.

Group Classes

Group classes are scheduled throughout the year. Watch the Coming Events page for the announcement of the next webinar series.

These classes are similar to Dr. Duke's private coaching classes, but lack the customization to the student's situation and goals. The group classes are delivered in a live, interactive webinar format, offered at two times each week to suit your schedule. You can attend the same day each week, attend a different session one week to accommodate your schedule or even repeat a class if desired. Each class includes a copy of the slides, homework exercises, and access to a recording of previous classes.

This is your opportunity for high quality, no hype
options education at a very attractive price.

Dr. Duke’s Stock and Options Coaching

Are you tired of paying thousands of hard earned dollars for trading education and yet finding those hyped gains to be elusive? Kerry Given, Ph.D. (Dr. Duke) cuts through all of the marketing hype and get rich quick schemes surrounding stock and options trading. Follow Dr. Duke's blog and see for yourself. You are entering the No Hype Zone!

Duke's latest book, Time Is Money, is now available on Amazon. This book focuses on non-directional trading and is already receiving excellent reviews. Dr. Duke's first book, No-Hype Options Trading, is also available on Amazon. No-Hype Options Trading was praised as, "the best introductory book on options that I've ever encountered". Check out this recent book review.

Follow Dr. Duke as he trades the Flying With the Condor™ trading service. This service is outperforming the S&P 500 by a wide margin with a 28% gain year to date. Download the track record.

Do you find it hard to find time to attend a trading course? Now you can choose the class or classes you desire and stream the videos to your phone, iPad or computer as often as you wish. More importantly, you may watch the videos
at the times most convenient for you. Concentrate on the topics of most interest to you. Check out Dr. Duke's Trading University. New classes are being added every week.

Pick up new trading ideas and fine tune your options knowledge with Dr. Duke's Trading Group. Two private webinars each month cover overall market trends, brief tutorials,
and a discussion of Dr. Duke's current and perspective trades. Pick up trading tips, get ideas for trades, and bounce your ideas off the group for additional perspectives.

Private stock and options coaching is available. Coaching is delivered live via webinar or face-to-face within the greater Chicago area.

Dr. Duke invites you to join The No Hype Zone.  Members receive The No Hype Zone Newsletter each weekend. Dr. Duke shares his perspective on the markets and his recommendations for very conservative, non-directional positions. Learn more about The No Hype Zone membership here.

Dr. Duke's DVD series, The Ultimate Options Course, is available at Traders Library.

Check out the new videos
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. Dr. Duke's presentation was recorded; you may view it here.


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I bought your book from you at the Dallas Traders Expo. It is the best book on trading options I have read. I have read at least 30 books on trading options. Yours is one of 4 that I would buy again.


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