We are all extremely busy in today's fast moving world, so it isn't surprising if your schedule makes it difficult to receive emailed trade alerts and act upon them in a timely manner. We have developed Auto-Trading as a safe and reliable solution.

Dr. Duke has partnered with Avant-Garde Trading with brokerage services provided through MoneyBlock, an SIPC insured stock and options broker, to offer his trading programs as an Auto-Trade service. 

MoneyBlock is a specialty broker based in Chicago and focusing on independent investment advisers. Customer accounts are cleared and carried by Apex Clearing Corporation, and are covered by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which is available to meet customer claims of its members up to $500,000 in cash and securities. In addition, Apex holds excess SIPC Insurance coverage of $150 million in the aggregate, subject to maximum limits of $37.5 million for any one customer's securities, and $900,000 per customer in respect to cash. MoneyBlock is a solid, fully compliant and reputable brokerage, but they cater to independent investment advisers and you most likely have not heard of them.

Avant-Garde Trading is a registered investment advisor firm that I have worked with since 2011. They have given my clients first class service and trade execution. They either meet or beat the fill prices I achieve on my trades in their trading for my clients. The registered investment advisers of Avant-Garde Trading receive my email trade alerts and have a list of the clients auto-trading my services; they enter the trades in those accounts when they receive my trade alert. 

You may learn more about the account opening process by calling Jennifer Mitchell at Avant-Garde Trading at 866-798-9395. She will also need a Letter of Direction (LOD) document filled out that gives them permission to enter my trades in your account and specifies the number of contracts to be entered in each trade. I will not have access to your account. I will not even know how much money is being traded in your account - all information about your account is confidential.

The process to auto-trade any of our services is as follows:

Call Jennifer Mitchell at Avant-Garde Trading at 866-798-9395 with any questions about the account opening process. 

Go to the Online Store on my web site where you may subscribe to whichever service is of interest. This initiates a monthly subscription through PayPal. This subscription may be cancelled at any time.
I will send you a welcome packet with detailed information about the service.

Reply to my welcome email with your desire to auto-trade the service to which you just subscribed.

I will notify Avant-Garde Trading that you are my client and to add you to the list of clients auto-trading that service.

All trade alerts will be sent to you via email, but Avant-Garde Trading will also receive that email alert and will enter the trade in your account automatically. You may log into your account as often as you wish to monitor the activity and balances. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Dr. Duke.

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