We are all extremely busy in today's fast moving world, so it isn't surprising if your schedule makes it difficult to receive emailed trade alerts and act upon them in a timely manner. We have developed Auto-Trading as a safe and reliable solution.

Dr. Duke has partnered with Avant-Garde Trading with brokerage services provided through MoneyBlock, an SIPC insured stock and options broker, to offer any of his trading programs as an Auto-Trade service. No one has access to your account except the authorized account executives at Avant-Garde Trading. To get started, sign up for the service in the Online Store and send us a note via Contact Us that you wish to auto-trade that service. An account executive from Avant-Garde Trading will contact you to open the account and configure it for Auto-Trade. There are no additional fees for auto-trading. No one at Parkwood Capital will have access to your account. This arrangement may be terminated at any time. You will instruct the Avant-Garde brokers the amount of capital you wish deployed on any given trade alert and also specify any limits, e.g., invest up to, but no more than $1,000 in any one trade, or invest 20% of the account in any one trade.

Auto-trading is available for trade alerts originating from any of the following services: Flying With The Condor™, Dr. Duke's Trading Group, Conservative Income and Dr. Duke's Weekly Newsletter.

Contact us for more information.