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This market has given us many days or weeks we would compare to roller coaster rides, but today took the cake. It looked weak from the open and forced me out of the few remaining positions. But it just became uglier and uglier. SPX opened at $1876 and dove as far as $1812 before recovering a bit. The intraday low in the October 2014 correction was $1821, so this was a significant pull back. SPX closed at $1859, down $22. At one point in the late afternoon, SPX had actually traded back up to the opening price at $1876 - that is a serious round trip. RUT was even more surprising. RUT closed up $4 at $999, after dipping down to $958. That is only the third positive day for RUT this year.

Volatility spiked up to 32% during all of this craziness, but closed back at 27.6%. Trading volume spiked higher with 4.3 billion shares of the S&P 500 stocks trading today. Trading volume rose 17% on the NYSE and increased 38% on NASDAQ.

The CPI reported for December at -0.1%, close to the previous month's 0.0%. How can CPI be zero when all of my grocery bills are higher? Housing starts came in at 1.149 million for December, down from 1.179. Building permits followed suit with a decline from 1.282 million to 1.232 million for December.

This reminds me of road trips with the kids when they were younger. "Are we there yet?" I don't know, but that long lower shadow on the SPX candlestick and a positive day on RUT certainly are signals in that direction.