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SPX opened the day weakly and traded as low as $1902 before bouncing to recover all of its losses and closed unchanged at $1918. RUT was even more positive, closing at $1010 for a $5 gain. Volatility continued to contract with the VIX losing 1.1 points to close at 20.5%. Trading volume was surprisingly low for an options expiration Friday with 2.7 billion shares of the S&P 500 trading, down slightly from yesterday and well below the 50 dma at 2.9B. Trading volume rose 4% on the NYSE and increased only 2% on NASDAQ.

The latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) was released for January today with a net change of zero, up from the negative 0.1% change reported in December. Where does this data come from? My grocery bills have certainly not been flat.

Today's market action was most encouraging on several fronts:

1) Stocks resisted the decline in oil prices.

2) RUT behaved even more bullishly than SPX.

3) SPX recovered all of its losses into the close - a very bullish tape.

Update on the Flying With The Condorâ„¢ service: We closed the remaining spreads of the Feb position last Friday for a loss. The overall portfolio stands at a 5% loss on the year. But the March SPX condor now stands at a 10% gain, and April is up 3%. So we didn't miss the correction bullet, but we have already recovered nicely.

If any of you are planning to be in New York City next week for the Traders Expo, please let me know so we can get together.

Have a great weekend.