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We had become accustomed to higher prices every day, but it had to slow down eventually. Yesterday's market shook off the Brussels attack, but pulled back a bit today for no apparent reason. SPX closed down $13 to $2037 and RUT gave up $22 to close at $1076. Volatility rose almost one point with the VIX at 14.9%. Trading volume was up slightly with 2.1 billion shares of the S&P 500 companies trading. Trading on the NYSE rose 8% and trading volume was up 11% on NASDAQ.

New home sales came in at 512 thousand for February (annualized); this is a small increase from January's 502k.

The 200 dma at $2017 should act as support for the SPX. The resistance level at $2050 has now been reinforced; it will be even harder to break through next time. RUT is back in the neighborhood of the August flash crash retest. Earlier this month, RUT thrashed in this area for about two weeks and never did break through the August flash crash levels at about $1105. We may be caught in this choppy market for a while.