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The markets opened lower this morning but then bounced higher with SPX tacking on twenty dollars to close at $2062. RUT gained $11 to $1106. Volatility retreated with the VIX closing down 1.4 points to 14.9%. Trading volume popped higher with 2.4 billion shares of the S&P 500 companies trading. Trading volume on the NYSE rose 19% and volume rose 15% on NASDAQ.

No significant economic data was reported today. The Fed's beige book (minutes from the last meeting) will be issued tomorrow afternoon. Those minutes could be market moving, depending on the recorded discussions. Analysts are looking for clues for the timing of the next interest rate hike.

Even with today's large move, the trend of SPX remains sideways. A break above $2075 would be necessary to start to take the bulls' case seriously. I fail to see the economic data to make the case for a strong bull market. But the market could trade higher on the back of the Fed. That is why the beige book release is potentially significant.

J. P. Morgan reports earnings tomorrow morning. That could set the tone for the market opening tomorrow, but then the beige book takes over in the afternoon.