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Wow! I just cannot believe the markets are this strong. Initial jobless claims reported a higher number than expected this morning, but the market still rallied. All of the major indexes were up about 1% or more. RUT closed at $557.80. Looking at the RUT price chart, you will note that the previous three sessions were stalled right at the high price set back in early November, but today's action broke through that resistance level. If you follow candlestick charts, you will recognize today's "shooting star", often a sign of a reversal of a bullish trend. On the other side of the coin, today's highs were set with higher trading volume - a bullish sign. The bottom line for me is that I don't see the economic basis for this rally, but we have to trade based on what the market gives us, not what we think it should be doing.

My Aug iron butterfly is nearly exhausted; the P/L is now -$2,812, delta = -$126 and theta = +$132. A one to one ratio of theta/delta is weak. I nearly closed this trade today, but the pullback in the last hour or two of trading persuaded me to give it another day. You might disagree with that decision and I admit it is borderline; I may be allowing my prejudice about this rally to influence me.

My Aug iron condor is in better shape with a P/L of -$655, delta = -$53 and theta = +$107. A two to one ratio of theta/delta is good, albeit minimally good. Our Sept $530 call is up by more than three thousand dollars at this point - that call is keeping this trade alive.