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Favorable earnings announcements and outlooks from Intel and Dell boosted the markets this morning, but the sellers came out of the woodwork and took their profits, driving the market down for most of the day. RUT closed down at $580 and the SPX closed down at $1029. It appears this market senses that all of the good news has already been priced into stocks and is prepared to take profits on any rally. However, the trading volume has been low, so drawing conclusions from the price movements this week may be dangerous. Perhaps the rally resumes after Labor Day when everyone returns to the floor.

This pullback has been a welcome relief for my condor positions. My Sept iron condor now stands at a profit of $1040, delta = -$103 and a theta of +$200. The short $620 calls are back to about one standard deviation OTM. The Oct iron condor now stands at a P/L of -$230, delta = -$39 and theta = +$57. Although the $460/$470 put spreads are now about two standard deviations OTM, I will resist the temptation to roll them up. That downside cushion is welcome as the market consolidates at the current levels.