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The markets started the day on a positive note and the RUT and SPX traded up to their recent resistance levels, but then retreated after the Fed's Beige Book was released with virtually no positive news on the economy. But then the bulls tossed the Beige Book aside and drove the market into the bell with the RUT closing up over $10 to $586.40 and SPX closing at $1033.37. This leaves both indexes right at their resistance levels; it will be interesting to see if the bulls can drive through to higher highs.

My Sept iron condor (20 contracts of the 480/490 puts, 10 contracts of the 500/510 puts, and 30 contracts of the 620/630 calls) stands at a P/L of +$2,780, delta =-$76, and theta = +$240; theta is really gaining as we roll down to the last week of these options. The Oct iron condor (15 contracts of the 460/470 puts and 15 contracts of the 640/650 calls) has a P/L of +$400, delta =-$45, and theta = +$65. The Oct $640 calls stand right at one standard deviation OTM with a delta of 12. I will adjust this condor if the delta of this short call exceeds 17-18.