Dr. Duke is a frequent speaker at trading conferences and webinar events. Check him out and see a sample of the quality of Dr. Duke's coaching. You will see a difference! We aren't claiming we have "the Holy Grail of Trading" or any such nonsense. You are entering the "No Hype Zone"!

Dr. Duke gives you the tools to build a viable trading business.

Dr. Duke has been invited to speak for the Option Hotline next Wednesday, January 27th at 3:30 pm CT. The topic of the presentation is Option Trading Myths. Unfortunately, options trading education is replete with infomercials, get rich quick schemes, and marketing hype. It isn’t unusual to hear the advice, “Sell credit spreads when implied volatility is high”. Dr. Given will demonstrate why that is just another options trading myth. More importantly, he will teach you how to compute and use the probabilities of option pricing to achieve an “edge” in your trading. And that’s not a myth.

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The Conservative Income Generation course has been very popular and will be offered again this year. Dr. Duke will show you how to use options in your retirement accounts in very conservative ways. In fact, you will be incurring less risk with these trades than the investor with a blue chip stock portfolio. Did that get your attention? It's true. Many academic studies have shown that the conservative use of options in a stock portfolio will outperform the classic buy and hold strategy with higher annual returns, smaller drawdowns and incur less risk.

A seven class series of private webinars, Conservative Income Generation, will begin Monday, February 1st at 8:00 pm CT.

Dr. Duke will teach you how to enter conservative trades that generate income week after week. These are the same trading strategies Dr. Duke uses in his own accounts and in his Conservative Income trading service. Dr. Duke teaches you sound trading techniques and risk management backed by real results. Avoid the anxiety caused by the daily swings of this market.  Learn Dr. Duke's trading techniques in the Conservative Income Strategies course.

Follow the trades Dr. Duke recommends during the course. These are actual live trades from his E*Trade account. He has skin in the game! You will pay for this course while you are still in the course! During the last offering of this course, the students followed Dr. Duke and generated cash income of $12,245 or 7.6% over the seven weeks of the course.

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Dr. Duke's Trading Group will meet again on Thursday, February 4th, at 8:00 pm CDT. This service's trade alerts closed 2019 at +214% with a win/loss ratio of 80%. Perhaps even more importantly, subscribers to Dr. Duke's trading group survived the coronavirus correction and completed 2020 with +370% and a win/loss ratio of 76%.
The overall market is reviewed at each meeting, together with the trades recommended in the Flying With The Condor™ service and Dr. Duke's Trading Group. Trading group members often suggest topics for discussion or stocks for analysis. Dr. Duke is careful to explain how he selects his trades, how the trade is positioned, adjusted and then closed. This trading group is an excellent ongoing trading education. Questions and discussion are welcomed.

Comments from trading group attendees:

"Your stock selection has been terrific, and the results have been incredible. I'm getting the best spread trading results I've ever had thanks to you."

"Your Thursday night meetings are quite good. I have attended other similar meetings and despite being completely enthralled with the market found them to be quite boring and basically no more informative than what I could have done. Yours seem to fly by and I felt like I was actually getting something I could use."

"Just had an opportunity to view the download of Thursday night's session. Wanted to let you know how thoughtful your analysis was. You are really helping me develop a more methodical approach to my view of Mr. Market."

If you  are interested, but can't quite pull the trigger, send me a note and I will send you a recording of our most recent trading group meeting and you can check it out with no risk whatsoever.

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