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You are entering the No Hype Zone!
I joined Dr. Duke's Trading Group earlier this year and started auto-trading with $150k in my account. As of this morning my account value is $272k after only eight months. Thank you again, and again, and again!!!

Chicago, IL

After our conversation, I ordered your book and I read the first chapter. This is just what I've been looking for! Thank you for telling me about your book. I'm eager to finish it and to put it into practice.

New York, NY

I have to mention that I enjoy from time to time watching videos of your interviews in the guise of "Dr. Duke."  It's fun to see how you patiently and politely help the interviewers along, especially the ones that don't seem very informed on what they're asking you about!

Saint Paul, MN

I wanted it to be more than the introductory course and it is! The analysis, determining stop loss, and selections beyond Char's IRA make it truly a really fun and profitable time.

Thanks Dr Duke

Fort Worth, TX

Thank you for your generous time and expertise in thoroughly covering my question. You are exceptional in your dedication to your clients! I truly appreciate you.

New York City, NY

Thanks Dr. Duke. Your trading is improving my bottom line already. You  make it seem so easy lol, but that’s why I wanted to work with you. It seems I was making trading too hard with knee jerk emotional reactions. I’m focusing more on my thinking and the way I view the market based on your videos and leadership. I appreciate what you are doing…a no hype investment advisor.

Chicago, IL

Good calls on FED and TWLO. Wow!!

Holmdel, NJ

The gains from just this one trade has paid for a year's worth of your course.

New Canaan, CT

Thank you for being a great instructor. I always enjoy your classes and look forward to them every week. I hate for them to be over. My position is when it comes to playing with my money, I need to be in your lectures regularly. You are the best instructor out there. So, thank you.



When I started these classes I didn't know anything about option trading and it was a little hard to understand at first. The more instruction I receive the more I understand. I also have to say you are an excellent instructor. I have slowly begun to develop confidence to even paper trade and I know that I will only learn and become more confident to more forward.