As I wrote to you after the Las Vegas Traders Expo back in 2014, I attended your talk there, after a suggestion by Jim Bittman at the CBOE booth.  I really related to your session and I immediately went up to the bookseller booth at the show and bought your “No-Hype Options Trading” book.  I can honestly say it’s been the most useful of all the trading books I’ve purchased (which is significant number!).  I have read it several times and refer to it on a regular basis.  I had forgotten that you had a second book out, until I was reminded at the 2015 Traders Expo.  I ordered it when I returned home and have read portions of it already.  It is also very applicable to the type of trading I do.  I really appreciate the detail to backtesting various option strategies.  I plan on reading it more carefully and sure I will take away many practical “nuggets” to help improve my techniques.  Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

San Diego, CA