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You are entering the No Hype Zone!

Thanks Dr. Duke. Your trading is improving my bottom line already. You  make it seem so easy lol, but that’s why I wanted to work with you. It seems I was making trading too hard with knee jerk emotional reactions. I’m focusing more on my thinking and the way I view the market based on your videos and leadership. I appreciate what you are doing…a no hype investment advisor.

Chicago, IL

Good calls on FED and TWLO. Wow!!

Holmdel, NJ

The gains from just this one trade has paid for a year's worth of your course.

New Canaan, CT

Thank you for being a great instructor. I always enjoy your classes and look forward to them every week. I hate for them to be over. My position is when it comes to playing with my money, I need to be in your lectures regularly. You are the best instructor out there. So, thank you.



When I started these classes I didn't know anything about option trading and it was a little hard to understand at first. The more instruction I receive the more I understand. I also have to say you are an excellent instructor. I have slowly begun to develop confidence to even paper trade and I know that I will only learn and become more confident to more forward.



I just want to say how much I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and you promptly answered all of my questions.



This was my first opportunity to attend one of your classes and I found the presentation to be just what I needed. The material was well organized and presented in careful and through manner.  I am looking forward to future presentations.


New York

I found your classes clear and easy to understand. You have a relaxed conversational style and give plenty of examples . Your presentations were much easier to follow than those of others with whom I have attempted to educate myself. Thank you.


New York

Thanks for today. Great presentation. I plan on buying your book “Time is Money”. (comment from an attendee to the TradersEXPO, Chicago July 22, 2018)



This is the best program I have ever been in. It is perfect for me. Thank you so much for offering it and making it a success.