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The Basic Stock Market Investing course really helped me understand how to begin in the market. Duke was very patient, and armed me with tons of information. He was very thorough to make sure that I understood all of the material, and frequently brought additional information that was custom to my situation. I look forward to taking the more advanced courses.

Niles, IL

I met Dr. Duke at a trading conference several years ago. He is a breath of fresh air in options education. He emphasizes the hard work and preparation required for success so often that it almost seems he is trying to talk you out of the trade. Dr. Duke isn't selling a get rich quick dream; he is the real thing.

New York City, NY

I highly recommend Dr. Given's courses. Growing up in a family of market speculators it was refreshing being able to learn about and apply a sustainable approach to Options trading that can grind out steady returns in the most hostile market conditions. Dr. Given cuts through the broken paradigms that are marketed to the masses and shows you how when applied properly Options trading is safer and more practical then equities investment. You will have the psychological and market tools to build a serious business in Options trading.


Glen Ellyn, IL

Dr. Given is an excellent teacher! He makes the class enjoyable and is able to convey difficult concepts into meaningful, understandable and easy to grasp concepts. His knowledge and experience are obviously at expert level. I highly recommend Duke, especially if you've ever been through any of the Optionetics courses and felt left behind and confused.

Hinsdale, IL

Dr. Duke is an outstanding options coach. He is brilliant in his understanding of all options strategies and he has the ability to teach anyone these strategies, no matter what their options trading experience has been. And just as important, he has helped me identify which strategies are best for each market condition.

Chicago, IL

Dr. Duke clearly explained some complicated financial concepts that had baffled me in the courses I have taken with other firms. More importantly, he showed me the investment strategies best suited to my personality and situation. Then he guided me step by step to success.

Denver, CO

I had taken courses from one of the large options education firms, but still lost money in my trading. Duke showed me how to trade conservatively and generate a steady monthly income.

Hinsdale, Illinois