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You are entering the No Hype Zone!

I was in *** program before switching to ****.   I could have made a lot of money on his initial recommendation, symbol BLUE, doubling from about $80.00 to over $170.00.  However, my tier 2 approval with ***** was badly delayed and I miss that trade.  If I correctly recall, that was his best trade, by far.  After about four months, I quit the program because the tutoring was abysmal.  The learning contrast, between ******* and you, is like night and day.



I look forward to another profitable year with the  trading group, Parkwood Capital has indeed empowered my success!



You are the smartest man in the room this morning. 50 contracts = + $5K not bad for 1 night!



I've read "Time is Money" twice and need to learn more. Awesome information.



Your stock selection has been terrific, and the results have incredible. I'm getting the best spread trading results I've ever had thanks to you.


Los Angeles

No Hype Options Trading: Great read. Thank You.



In addition to the GS from last month,   I currently have diagonals going on AAPL, BA, CELG, and VMW.   I follow your guidelines on each of these and have had really good results.


Kansas City

I just finished reading your first book. I already read your second one first. Anyway the last time I wrote you about the first book I said to you that I had been a real loser with Calendar Spreads. But I wanted to let you know that after reading your first book I decided to give them another try. I used your very specific recipe for the entry and I have now done 9 successful calendars in a row. I wait for the IV to get low and I try to get the IV as close as I can between the 2 legs and I exit the trade when I have a 10% profit. Its like taking candy from a baby. I just wanted to say thanks.



Thank you for a very profitable 2016, I very much like your trading style and was able to make most of the trades you posted in the no-hype alerts, I am looking forward to another great year trading. I really like how you operate, so many other options "people" just flood my inbox with the latest, greatest schemes telling me how I will lose out if I don't cough up my credit card # right now, again I want to say thank you very much for your fresh no-hype attitude towards trading.


Alberta, Canada

I’m really enjoying listening to your words of wisdom that are woven into a practical commercial approach (comments from recent coaching course).


Sydney, Australia