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The annual fee ($250) really paid off: Just follow-up your NFLX trade step by step ended at a gain of $316 (14.66%). Using the same approach for GOOG  ended at a gain of $770 (19.66%).


Toronto, Canada

I enjoyed your talk at the expo....the most useful of all those I attended.  Actually went up to the Wiley booth and bought the book!   I have been working diligently for over a year trying to make a credit spread income strategy work and I have witnessed many of the points you made.


San Diego, CA

The [online webinar] course is priceless. For me it was one of the best courses I ever did in my academic life.


I would like to acknowledge you for your wisdom and great integrity of offering education and services in a financial trading arena that is rife with people and teachers who are not in alignment with the greater good like you are. I'm in great appreciation of you and the quality of the work that you do.

Vancouver, Canada

You are teaching me a lot about trading; that's why I'm sharing this with you.  I'm sure I make moves you wouldn't, but I rely a great deal on your analysis and suggestions.  I'm following my own rules much more consistently as well, because of your advice.  Too, I'm feeling much more confident about entering trades that you do not send to the trading group, but which you plant the seeds for in your webinars.  I just want to say "Thank you" for your help.  It sure is a great help to have you as a coach in my corner.

Chicago, IL

Your course is superb - one of the best courses I ever did. In my point of view, the best combination is to participate in the course accompanied by your book. I read the specific chapters before the class lessons. Looking forward to your second book.


Dr. Duke,

 I have been applying your principles to the RUT Iron Condor for 3 months now, and have had consistent success. I had to apply the 200% rule one month, but still eked out a small profit. Thank you for your excellent teaching.


Thanks to your book (No Hype) this has been a very good year. I am looking forward to test proven and new ideas in 2013. Success and happy new year.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I just wanted to write in and say thanks so very much for putting together the first practical, real world options trading book I've ever read.. and I've read a few! I shall be re-reading it multiple times and implementing what I've learned for years to come.

Tampa, FL

I read your book and I thought it was one of the better option books I've read. It was a very nice read.

Greensboro, NC