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You are entering the No Hype Zone!

Hi Dr. Duke,
I would like to say thank you and express my appreciation for being able to participate in your excellent webinar training program. I cannot believe how much I learned! You have a great way of organizing and delivering material. I also really appreciate your commitment to professionalism and telling the truth.

Hoboken, NJ

Your book was educational with reality mixed in. it helped me realize how I fit in to options trading. There is a lot of Hype out there, thanks for the straight goods.

Toronto, Canada

Just wanted to say thanks!!  I have approximately the same amount of money in my work 401K as my IRA.  My work 401K which is all mutual funds lost 5K in the 2nd quarter.  My IRA which has been using your recommendations from both your Iron Condors and Trading Group made 10K in profit!!  Who said you can't make money in options!!

Thanks again.

Omaha, NE

I am very, very pleased with your service. Also, now that I have a few months of the auto trade service with TradeMonster, I wish I had done the auto trade from the beginning. I still remember chasing your directions that one day in early August last year - never again! My retirement is now in sight thanks to you!!!

Lawrence, KS

I bought your book from you at the Dallas Traders Expo. It is the best book on trading options I have read. I have read at least 30 books on trading options. Yours is one of 4 that I would buy again.


Dallas, TX

Dr. Duke, just a quick note to say 'thanks'.  You are helping me to have the most profitable year ever.  Between your responses to my email questions and your book I have learned quite a bit from you on managing both trades and my emotions.


Virginia Beach, VA

I wanted to write to tell you that I took you with me on my trip... and I am so glad I did. I have been trading options for a couple of years. I have a stack of digested option books sitting on my bedroom dresser (along with every recorded video I can find stored in my iPad). Sadly, almost all of these promising resources were of little value. However, not your work... YOU made my vacation!! First, your book (No Hype Options Trading) was just what I needed. It was right at my level of experience and addressed my greatest needs. I just so appreciated your book - your writing style, honesty, concern for the reader, realistic landscape and practical trade setups, danger zones and exits. Your writing was so to the point, had just enough foundational explanation, provided detailed descriptions of the important delta neutral trades and (GOD BLESS YOU for this one) even suggested several potential adjustments when trades go bad (a crucial subject sadly omitted in the majority of option books). In sum, I just want to tell you that you did a terrific job... just SO much better, meatier and practical that so many "alternative" books that appear on the retailers' websites and bookshelves. Thanks Again for a FINE piece of work that truly stands in a class by itself!


Knoxville, TN

I've been following your blog regularly, which says a lot since I don't follow many financial blogs. As a result, I bought a copy of No-Hype on Amazon. It is truly as advertised: No bull****. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.


New York, NY

Thanks for your help and service.  My returns are way up and my stress is way down.


Vancouver, WA

I have been reading and studying your book, No-Hype Options Trading, and have found it to be the most helpful options book I have. Although McMillan and Natenberg provide lots of information about option theory, your book provides the information I was looking for about practical application. I am using it in my trading of calendars and butterflies and greatly appreciate your easy-to-understand presentation of information on those and other options strategies.


Conifer, CO