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You are entering the No Hype Zone!

I enjoyed your book and your subscription services have been very educational and profitable. Great work!


Mill Creek, WA

I wanted to give you a real world example of how your work has helped 1 individual have measurable success (9 months at least) in trading after many years of trying.  I'm truly grateful for having stumbled upon your webinar and for the prompt and thoughtful responses I have received to my emails to you.



Raleigh, NC

I am thankful that I have had the chance to work with you.  Your knowledge, professionalism, and especially your ethics are beyond reproach.



Wichita, KS

Since I’ve been trading condors the past 4 years, there are normally 2 or more times per year that the market would run into my positions forcing a rethink/reposition that normally ends in a loss.  This February would have followed the same pattern – market runs, the delta’s get hammered, P/L is very much negative and I had to adjust for a loss in order to avoid the bigger loss.  I would be paralyzed for a few days not sure if I should jump back in by adjusting the “safe” side or just stay on the sidelines thinking of making it back the following month(s). Having your assistance this month was a life saver.  The March trades still face pressure and I’m sure you’ll be there to call out adjustments as needed – if the market does what I think it should and pull back, maybe we won’t need to do much.  But as you say, trade the market you’re given not the one you want.



Vancouver, WA

I took the “Delta Neutral” classes you gave in the summer of 2011. Afterwards, I bought and read your book entitled “ No Hype Options Trading ”. To further reinforce the theoretical education I got from your classes and your book, I joined your “Flying With The Condor Group”. To sum it all, I have learned a great deal from you. You have given me a solid foundation in Delta Neutral Trading. I really appreciate your kindness, openness and your honesty. Armed with all the knowledge I got from you, I strongly believe that going forward, I'll be capable of developing and managing my own trading system. And for that, I thank you very much.


Bronx, NY

Your book is great, best that I’ve encountered on options!


Orlando, FL

I have your book, and if I could have only 4-5 books on options, I would count "No-Hype" among them.


Chicago, IL

I have been exposed to several other trading services and I think you are the most honest one by far. The other ones I always got the impression I was being given ideas from people that were generating them only to have a trading service and that they make their money on the service fees only and don't actually trade. I feel like you do actually trade your trades and from watching Time and Sales on TradeStation, which also provides historical data, I believe I have confirmed that. I do not mean to offend, but in this world you never know who can you trust. For further proof, I was pleased to see in your blog last night that you said you did not get filled on your Oct call spread, which I could see that you had not been, unless you had paid up big time from where you entered the order.

Also, your Thursday night meetings are quite good. I have attended other similar meetings and despite being completely enthralled with the market found them to be quite boring and basically no more informative than what I could have done. Yours seem to fly by and I felt like I was actually getting something I could use.
Thanks again,

Nixa, MO

 Thanks again for saving my butt through this latest downturn. I was amazed at how well the adjustments worked. Very little damage in my accounts.

Las Vegas, NV

 I just finished reading your book for the second time and wanted to let you know that your book is great! I've read many, many books on trading options and I have also taken several courses and I believe your book is one of the best ones out there! Thanks again for such a great book!

Denver, CO