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You are entering the No Hype Zone!
I have your book, and if I could have only 4-5 books on options, I would count "No-Hype" among them.


Chicago, IL

I have been exposed to several other trading services and I think you are the most honest one by far. The other ones I always got the impression I was being given ideas from people that were generating them only to have a trading service and that they make their money on the service fees only and don't actually trade. I feel like you do actually trade your trades and from watching Time and Sales on TradeStation, which also provides historical data, I believe I have confirmed that. I do not mean to offend, but in this world you never know who can you trust. For further proof, I was pleased to see in your blog last night that you said you did not get filled on your Oct call spread, which I could see that you had not been, unless you had paid up big time from where you entered the order.

Also, your Thursday night meetings are quite good. I have attended other similar meetings and despite being completely enthralled with the market found them to be quite boring and basically no more informative than what I could have done. Yours seem to fly by and I felt like I was actually getting something I could use.
Thanks again,

Nixa, MO

 Thanks again for saving my butt through this latest downturn. I was amazed at how well the adjustments worked. Very little damage in my accounts.

Las Vegas, NV

 I just finished reading your book for the second time and wanted to let you know that your book is great! I've read many, many books on trading options and I have also taken several courses and I believe your book is one of the best ones out there! Thanks again for such a great book!

Denver, CO

Just finished your book and loved it. Great Job. I especially loved the strategies and adjustments. Most books don't address trades under duress and IMO that is the most important part.
Hillsborough, NJ

Just finished reading your book and wanted to say that it was one of the best books I have read on options trading! Very concise and straightforward. I will keep it near me for reference in the future.

Wilmington, DE

"No-Hype Options Trading" was excellent - the best "nuts and bolts" explanations and advice I have read on option spreads.

Dallas, TX

I just finished your recent book and want you to know that I appreciate your work. I have been an options trader since 1977, mostly as a market maker on the Amex and a brief stint in the OEX pit on the CBOE, so options trading is not exactly new to me. Thank you.

New Jersey

Your book was the best book yet on options that I have read & your webinar was also one of the best I have attended.

Chicago, IL

I learned more for free this afternoon from your website than all the money I have spent over the last 20 years! Thank you.

Chicago, IL