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You are entering the No Hype Zone!

I read Dr Duke's column every month in SFO magazine. His commentaries on credit spreads and iron condors are excellent.

Lake Worth, FL

I want to thank you for a great book. I think it’s one of the best books for people who are interested in trading options (I read them many). I really appreciate practical accent of book with many useful advices.

Prague, Czech Republic

I am enjoying the Trading Group events very much and plan to continue attending. I am currently reading your book "No Hype Options Trading" and am learning quite a lot from that. Your book along with The Trading Group and Flying With The Condor service is finally making me feel like my options trades are starting to have positive results on a much more regular basis.  I am starting get a better understanding options, risk management, and what a high probability trade is.  Why this is working for me is because what you are teaching is exactly the strategy, plan, style that I want to use for options trading. Thank you for that.

Akron, OH

Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know how invaluable all of your teaching and coaching had meant!  Your trading group has really helped me to refine my practices, and to expand my trading.  The additions of the verticals back into my trading has helped, not only financially (again thanks to you), but has allowed me to focus on something other than my IC's, which as you know is at times like watching paint dry - which is what we want.

I'm enjoying trading again.


Omaha, NE

I just finished your book which I enjoyed a lot! You certainly reached your goal to write practical book for the retail trader!

Chicago, IL

I'm having a pretty good month thanks in part to your guidance.  Thank you.

Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for your presentation and your time talking with me afterward, your experience and insight is appreciated. You are an authority in this subject with a respectful, soft spoken, gentlemanly, graceful, unpretentious manner that is rare and refreshing in today's world of glitzy high pressure sales pitches.

Chicago, IL

Thanks Duke!  I enjoyed our time together very much!  The session was extremely beneficial and I appreciate the clarity you’ve brought to the strategy, especially around risk management and adjusting the positions based on market movement.  I am very clear on my strategy going forward and believe you have given me the tools to establish consistency.

Atlanta, GA

Great presentation today on the Iron Condor.

Greenwich, CT

Thanks again for the advice you gave me during our private webinar last week - it has paid off for me on Friday already!


Canonsberg, PA