Conservative Income is the trade advisory service designed for conservative investors seeking superior income from their investments. Trade alerts include all the details of entering the trade and entering a contingent stop loss order to protect the trade in case of a market down turn. Several academic studies have shown that the trading techniques used in this service actually reduce the risk of a blue chip stock portfolio and outperform the classic buy and hold approach.

Subscribers are invited to a private webinar once a month to discuss Dr. Duke's recommended trades and are also invited to email Dr. Duke in between webinars with any questions. You are hiring your own private trading coach.

Spreadsheet tools are included with every subscription for evaluating and selecting the best income trade among various stocks and option expirations. The Conservative Income service began in April of 2016 and gained 8.1% for those nine months, gained 12.4% in 2017, gained 3.3% in 2018 while the S&P 500 lost 7%, gained 13.2% in 2019, and is up 26% for 2020, handily beating the S&P 500 at 15%. The 2020 track record shows how well this style of trading handled the March correction of 35%. Conservative Income completed 2021 with a 4% gain. This is the slow and steady, conservative income stream you have been looking for.

This service may be auto-traded for you at no additional charge. Contact Dr. Duke for the details.


The cost for this service is only $99/month. Subscriptions are processed via PayPal.