Since I’ve been trading condors the past 4 years, there are normally 2 or more times per year that the market would run into my positions forcing a rethink/reposition that normally ends in a loss.  This February would have followed the same pattern – market runs, the delta’s get hammered, P/L is very much negative and I had to adjust for a loss in order to avoid the bigger loss.  I would be paralyzed for a few days not sure if I should jump back in by adjusting the “safe” side or just stay on the sidelines thinking of making it back the following month(s). Having your assistance this month was a life saver.  The March trades still face pressure and I’m sure you’ll be there to call out adjustments as needed – if the market does what I think it should and pull back, maybe we won’t need to do much.  But as you say, trade the market you’re given not the one you want.



Vancouver, WA