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The major indexes all traded close to sideways with lower volume today. The Russell 2000 index closed at $479.27. I took advantage of the little bit of upward motion this morning and closed the put spreads remaining from my July iron butterfly; I closed the 450/480 put spreads for $7.85 for a $1,750 loss. I had closed the call spreads for a $3,300 gain Tuesday; so the net gain on the position was $1,550 or 17%.

I also closed the 570/580 call spreads in my Aug iron condor today for $0.25 or a $1,600 gain. If we have a strong day in the market within the next few days, I will re-establish my call spreads. I don't feel too exposed with the put spreads since I have the long Sep $430 puts as a hedge.

It is interesting that the RUT has paused here in the neighborhood of support levels formed in early May. If we have some definitive moves upward from here, I will breathe a sign of relief and re-establish new call spreads for my condor. If it breaks support, we may be in for a severe leg downward. Those of you who follow chart patterns may see the head and shoulders pattern on the RUT and the SPX. That is traditionally seen as a topping pattern, so that would predict breaking support and forming another leg downward. But if that happens, I am hedged and will close the remaining spreads of my condor for much less than an average month's credit. That is risk management and it's essential for managing iron condors.

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Today's market started out looking like we were going over the edge... sell everything!! But news from the Treasury auction appears to have brought some buyers back into the market and repaired some, but not all, of the damage. The S&P 500 closed for the second day below its 200 dma (200 day moving average), but it closed $10 above its session lows. This area of about $875 is the support level that the S&P 500 found back in May. That is why I found today's market action somewhat (not very!) encouraging; if we break this support level, it could get nasty. Today's trading volume was the highest in two weeks, but I am unsure if that is a good or a bad sign. I could argue stronger volume on the severe downward move throughout most of the day was very negative. However, one could also argue that the higher volume reflects confidence that the intraday lows were seen as buying opportunities. Reading tea leaves isn't easy.

RUT closed at $479.6. I still have the 480/450 put spreads from my July iron butterfly. Today's action wasn't sufficient to cause the entire trade to go into the red, so I decided to give it more time. This was a debatable call - a more conservative trader would have closed the puts at the open this morning and locked in a gain on the trade.

The market tripped the adjustment triggers on my Aug iron condors: the delta of the $430 puts hit 21 today. I bought one Sept $430 put and cut my position delta to +$30; the position theta = +$41, which gives us a weak, but acceptable, theta/delta ratio. The position P/L stands at +$210. This hedge should hold our position losses to under $1000 for RUT prices as low as $460 - and that's the point; we are buying time and giving the market a chance to recover.

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Conflicting signals on the economy resulted in mixed trading in the markets today. Oil and commodities prices fell and worried investors that worldwide demand was not recovering; on the other hand, the S&P 500 bounced off its 200 day moving average on increased trading volume. The Russell 2000 Index (RUT) closed down about $3 to $494.03. This volatile, chaotic, largely sideways movement in the markets is actually nearly ideal for our delta neutral trades. But the volatility makes it a bit unnerving.

Our July iron butterfly stands at +$3,160, position delta = +$67, and theta = +$192. Our theta/delta ratio remains strong; I am beginning to look at the optimum closing for this trade sometime between now and this Friday (one week before expiration). However, I am in a class all day tomorrow and will probably only have a few moments to check on this position. Assuming no severe market moves tomorrow, I will be closing this position later this week.

Our August iron condor stands at +$660, position delta = +$14, and position theta = +$74. Since I still have 45 days left, I am beginning to consider closing the 570/580 call spreads and rolling that position down. The advantage is locking in about $1,000 of gain; the disadvantage is the loss of safety margin if this market rebounds - and there is no predicting this market; actually, all of our attempts to predict the market may be a bit futile, but the effort makes us feel better.

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Today's market was mixed and weak until around mid-day, when the major market indexes all turned bearish. The S&P 500 closed below its 200 day moving average and Nasdaq broke its 50 day moving average. John Murphy, the famous market technician, has long used a 13/34 exponential moving average crossover system on SPX to identify the overall market trend. Those EMAs crossed today, as the MACD touched zero, suggesting a new trend downward. The only glimmer of positive news was a preliminary report that trading volume on the exchanges was lower today.

The RUT closed at $484.25. I was out of the office today, but I had entered an order to close the call spreads of my July iron butterfly for $0.50 and that order was filled late in the day when the market traded downward significantly. That resulted in a gain of about $3,300 on the calls, but my 450/480 put spreads are about $1,100 underwater. This late in the month, time decay is helping that position each day, but I will be watching it very carefully now that my call spreads are closed. I will close those spreads this week, Friday at the latest.

My Aug iron condor stands slightly in the black (ca. +$200) with a position delta = +$35 and theta = +$62; the delta of my short $430 puts is -18 (I will adjust at 20); another measure for adjustment that I watch is the debit to close the put spreads, currently at $1.45, less than twice the original credit of $0.95. So this condor is close to an adjustment trigger, but if the overall market weakens significantly, I may simply close the put spreads rather than adjusting.

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It would be stating the obvious to note this market's erratic behavior. Yesterday, the pessimistic ADP private sector jobs report was ignored, and yet today's jobs report had almost identical data and the market tanked. All of the indexes dropped significantly; the Russell 2000 index dropped nearly 4% to close at $497.21. However, trading volume was low, so one has to wonder if this downward move will continue on Monday. A good rule of thumb to use when looking at a strong move in a stock or index price is to look at the trading volume for confirmation. A large price move on higher than average volume is more likely to be a sustainable trend. It is also worth noting that today's move has served to further strengthen the resistance level around $515 on RUT.

Our July butterfly now stands at a $2,835 gain with position delta = $39 and theta = +$167, an excellent 4:1 ratio. We are now under two weeks to expiration, so this position is gaining some breathing room.

Today's move pushed our Aug condor into a near perfect delta neutral position with position delta now at -$1 and theta = +$87.